Programming your keyboard

Building the firmware

Step 1

Head to . Either select your keyboard preset or upload a previous configuration.

Step 2

Click on the Keymap tab and then on each key to assign your preferred layout.

Step 3

Optionally, you may save your changes by downloading a configuration from the Settings tab.

Step 4

Compile your firmware as a .hex in the Compile tab.


Flashing your firmware

Pro Micro powered boards

Step 1

Download XLoader from . Unzip in to a directory.

Step 2

Add this line to xloader/devices.txt.


Step 4

Open XLoader and select your .hex. Select Leonardo(32U4).

Step 5

Plug in your Pro Micro.

Step 6

Short the GND and RST pins together twice in quick succession. Two red LEDs should come on. You now have 8 seconds to begin the flash.

Pro Micro pinout

Step 7

Select the new COM port that has now shown up in XLoader.

Step 8

Press Upload.

Step 9

If the upload has failed, try again from step 6.